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Commemorating Charles Thompson Update

22 August 2013

The issue of re-naming the Hall Village Reserve was discussed at a general meeting of the VHDPA on 21 August.

There were views expressed that the Village Reserve name remain unchanged as there has been a policy for a number of years not to name a building or place within the Village after a person. The feeling was that alot of people have contributed to the Village over the years and not one person should be singled out.

However, there was also the view that Charles Thompson had contributed in many areas of Hall Village in the early years including education, sporting, cultural and the evolution of the original Ginninderra Show and its re-location to Hall and that he should be recognised.

A suggestion was made that the reserve could be re-named the 'Charles William Thompson Hall Village Reserve' which would perhaps satisfy most residents.

Can you please send me your views to by 7 September 2013.

Phil Robson
Heritage Officer

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