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Hall Cemetery - 'Conditions of Entry'?

22 August 2013

A new sign has appeared just outside the gate to the Hall Cemetery. Placed by the ACT Public Cemeteries Authority, it asks for public cooperation in maintaining a "safe and peaceful environment for all" and "maintaining Canberra's cemeteries in a neat and tidy manner".

This is followed by nine detailed rules. These include, for example:

  • potted plants are not allowed
  • plants may not be planted without prior approval from Cemetery Management
  • Nothing may be attached to a monument unless approved by the Cemetery Management.
  • Additional objects and containers, particularly those made of glass, metal or crockery are not allowed.

Graham and Lyn Moss have raised several objections to this new sign, including that it was erected without any prior advice or consultation and apparently does not conform to heritage guidelines for such signage. They question the need for rules such as those above, and have asked the Progress Association to take the matter up. This is now being done.

Further information can be obtained from the Authority on 62040200.

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