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Scoreboard proposal update

24 January 2013

The Hall Rugby Club would like to thank the Hall community for their feedback via the Hall Community web site in relation to our proposal to erect an Electronic Scoreboard on the Hall Sports Ground. A location map and design drawings of the proposed scoreboard can be downloaded here.

The Hall Progress Association has given the Hall Rugby Club it's support to move forward with our proposal with the proviso that approval is requested via the ACT Heritage Council, which the Rugby Club will now be seeking.

Information about this proposal was posted on the web site on the 23rd of November 2012 and following is a bit of breakdown of some of the concerns and questions from the respondents:

Question: Will there be any fixed advertising on the sign? –
Hall Resident

Answer: Yes, but only on the inside of its fold out doors, so the advertising will only be visible on game days when the score board is in use.

Question: Will the scoreboard frame and cover be constructed out of chequer plate? - Hall Resident

Answer: No, the frame will be constructed out of Aluminium and then it will be covered with timber cladding to give it an old worldly look. (colour yet to be decided upon).

Statement: I think the idea of a scoreboard for the oval is fine. However any proposal would need to be approved by the Progress Association and the ACT Heritage Council to ensure that what we end up with is not inconsistent with the historic rustic rural character of our Village. – Hall Resident

Response: Given the weight of the scoreboard it will need to be very sturdy to offer the longevity and strength it requires.
We will be endeavouring to try and make the frame housing the scoreboard blend in with its current surroundings. Once we have a design, we will be seeking support from the Progress Association.

Question: Is a scoreboard that is portable being canvassed? – Hall Resident

Answer: A portable scoreboard has been canvassed, it is not our preferred option due to quiet a number of logistical issues.
o Where would it be stored?
o Who would be responsible for its transportation to and from the Hall Sportsground?
o When the Hall Rugby Club isn't using it and it is being used by the Hall Hornets Rugby League club, who is responsible for it?
o What if it's damaged during transport, what are the insurance implications?

Concern: Making Hall an attraction for many more sports and consequently more traffic into a small residential suburb that can not necessarily cater for such events resulting in cars parked everywhere except for the car park space provided near the tennis courts - it's really frustrating as a resident having cars regularly parked on grassed areas on residential streets and just over the bridge coming into Hall.

As sections of Hall have a heritage value and are listed on the ACT Heritage Council register, including the Hall Sports Ground (part of 20087. Hall Village Heritage Precinct), proposals such as this score board compromise the heritage. I only hope that ACTPLA and the ACT Heritage Council are insistent upon maintaining the Heritage value of Hall, otherwise the question begs who and most importantly 'what' does the heritage register protect.
I disagree with the proposal.

Given football is seasonal, a portable score board should be canvassed further, as you point out only the negatives of a portable solution, there are also negatives for a permanent structure also, such as vandalism and subsequently the cost of repair/replacement.
With all due respect, people who don't live in Hall (rate payers) shouldn't impress upon the progress of Hall, particularly progress that potentially alters Hall's heritage values. – Hall Resident

Statement: I understand you are attending the Hall progress meeting on the 23rd of January to discuss the scoreboard down on the oval. Please accept this email as a sign of support for the erecting of the scoreboard on the hall oval. – Hall Resident

Statement: I would like to advise you that I'm aware of the Hall Rugby Club's proposal to erect a score board on the Hall sports ground and as a member of the Hall community I fully support it and think it'll be a great addition to the Hall sports ground. – Hall Resident

Statement: I am aware of the proposal in place of the Hall Bushrangers Rugby union club to erect a electronic score board on the oval in Hall, I have no objections to this provided all community associated clubs have access to the use of the score board.
Also I believe the score board should be erected in a manner as not to stand out as a modern appliance, but be hidden in cladding or dressed as a heritage style score board, possibly attempting to secure heritage style. - Hall Resident

Statement: I think the Score Board for the Hall oval is a great idea , every sporting facility needs one. - Hall Resident

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