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A Neighbourly Poem

8 January 2009

Next door holiday blues.

While we were away at the coast
the neighbours kids made toast
of the nature strip New Years Eve
burnt the power pole just to peeve
everyone who has what they perceive
to be a greater share of the good life.

The neighbours on the other side
left their dog and pet bird behind
went away to stay with uncle and neice
then got caught speeding by the police
dog went awol and destroyed the peace
and quiet, the sick bird fell from its roost.

By contrast the neigbours at the back
offered to pick the rampant blackjack
feed the chooks in exchange for the eggs
harvest the nectarines and the ripe figs
water the veggies and bring in the mail
while we took their son to learn how to sail.

What a curse or a blessing a neighbour
can be, heaven sent or a burden- our
lives can be made worse or better when
we just take the time now and again
to know what they're doing, how they're
going, if there's an incident clear the air.

A good neighbour can keep an eye on your child
help clean out the gutters if you're old or unwell
good neighbours may or may not become friends
but they are so precious they can be like gold.

Fiona McIlroy 7.1.09
Healthy Neighbourhoods Project
Conflict Resolution Service

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