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Hall village Community Fire Unit 13

16 November 2008

The Banyards, Marion and Brian and Rowena and Pierre Dragh have become trained members of our CFU 13.

Rowena and Pierre have two children, Emma and Mathew. Pierre is a Consulting Engineer, running a business from an office in Hall VIllage Court. These busy residents have prioritised
their time to fit in the CFU Training. Rowena said she considers the safety of their home and family as paramount.

Brian and Marion chose Hall to build their beautiful home in Gibbs St. They felt, as residents, that they had an obligation to be trained to defend their home and assist others if required.

All our newly trained CFU members believe that we live in a high risk fire zone. Drills and practise will be organised in the new year.

Contact Bob Richardson, CFU Hall, for details. 0407071245.

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