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Centenary Trail Parking Improvements Underway

18 June 2020

ACT Parks and Wildlife have met with some Village of Hall and District Progress Association Committee members and some residents of Hoskins and Hall Streets adjacent to the entry to the Centenary Trial to discuss off-street parking to reduce the safety risks presented by the uncontrolled parking in the area.

The first stage of Centenary Trial parking has been completed with resurfacing and marking of approximately 20 car spaces beside the Hall School Museum precinct.

Prominent signage and a clear path will be installed between the trail entrance on the corner of Hall and Hoskins Streets.

Centenary Trail users can also park in the area on the corner of Loftus and Hall Street and at the Hall Pavilion.

The ACT government has advised that parking compliance staff are now patrolling the Centenary Trial area and illegal parking, especially in the signed "No Stopping" area on the corner of Hall and Hoskins Streets. The penalty for parking in a signed "No Stopping" area is substantial.

If you wish to provide any comment on this situation, or be consulted on any proposals, please contact .

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