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Bee Friendly Hall: Does your Air BEEnBEE have any occupants?

12 January 2020

With nearly 100 of the "Hall Bee Block" Native Bee hotels installed in the village and district, the Hall Honeys are starting to get reports of occupants. These are examples from Bill Pearson.

The Hall Honeys would like to receive your photos at .

Last November, many Hall residents registered their garden as "Bee Friendly". In return they received a fabulous bee pack of:
• An attractive Hall Native Bee Block (a locally designed Bee Hotel hand-crafted by the Hall Men's Shed that will provide a place for native bees to deposit their eggs)
• 5 native plants for your garden (to provide habitat and food for our pollinator friends)
• A "Bee Friendly Garden" sign (to promote awareness)
• A guide to Bee Friendly Gardening

The Rotary Club of Hall has supported this effort of the Hall Honeys as part of Hall Rotary's celebration of 30 years of service to the community.

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