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A twin village in Sweden?!

3 June 2010

On a visit to Gotland, a Swedish island in the Baltic, some years ago, I drove through a little village by the name of - 'Hall'. With Google Earth and Google searching at my fingertips I have recently been back to Gotland virtually. A website for Gotland carried the following information about Hall, which Google did its best to translate into English for me:

"Hall is the second smallest parish of Gotland in terms of population. In the hall are several farms and there is growing at vinhuset Halls Huk.

Parish's most famous attractions is Hallshuk, the 45-meter high cliff with sweeping ocean view at the entrance to Kappelshamn Bay. In Hallshuk is an old fishing village and the houses that belonged to fishermen at one time, today has become the summer home of the majority".

Any Swedish speakers out there? Should we write to the Parish Council and see if they are interested in forming a link with Hall, ACT? Anyone else ever been there? It would be good to hear from you

Alastair Crombie

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