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Garnaut, the earth, and us

5 July 2008

"A diabolical policy problem". That is the conclusion of Professor Ross Garnaut about global warming. International cooperation to save the ozone layer by reduction in the production of CFC's was obviously a doddle compared to the challenges now before us.

Because global warming is a critical problem for the whole planet Earth, it is immense in scope. But this also means that it is everyone's problem. There is nowhere to escape to. There is land on the moon, but no development yet............

What can we do?! There is a million answers to this question.

The Progress Association seeks your interest and involvement in exploring the idea of a 'Green Village' - a small settlement that earns a big reputation for innovation and good practice in solar energy generation, energy conservation, water conservation, landscape management, waste reduction and recycling. Obviously. many families and individuals are already moving strongly in this direction.

Are there things that can be done at the community level that might encourage, support, inform our individual efforts? 68 households around the Jamison Centre have signed up for solar bulk buy; the ANU is encouraging carpooling, there are lots of good examples of solar passive design, and so on. What might be contemplated for Hall?

Black water reclamation for sports field irrigation?

A small wetland beside the creek to improve water quality?

Solar energy generation on our larger roof surfaces, such as the school building and the pavilion?

Establishment of a 'Garden Group' to share information about native plants, tanks irrigation, mulching, and so on?

A car pooling scheme?

We propose to use this website to float ideas and share information, and would welcome the contribution to this of anyone with something to offer.

So far we have created a substantial set of Links to 'green' websites, dealing with energy and water conservation, waster reduction, sustainable building design, and so on.

We are exploring the option of a Hall and district 'round table' to bring interested people together for an hour or two to share ideas. Let us know if this would be of interest to you.

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