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All you ever wanted to know about the - Centenary Trail

15 October 2015

Experienced hikers and mountain bikers, casual recreationists, and 'gunnas' ("I'm gunna do it one day.....") can all enjoy and get benefit from a new booklet about the Centenary Trail : Walking and Cycling Canberra's Centenary Trail'. 'Booklet' perhaps understates the weight of this 'guide' and its 186 pages - though it will fit into a (large) pocket.

As with such guides, it is an aid for planning and preparation for travelling on the trail - by foot or by bike - but offers a great deal more about the landscape and places on the trail. Much of this additional information is captured in the fine full colour photographs which pepper the pages - more than 150 of them.

Route descriptions are based on the seven original sections of the trail, but each of these is subdivided into shorter sections where this is practicable.There are also suggestions for alternative itineraries for cyclists and walkers for those wishing to combine routes into longer journeys. Plenty of very good clear maps are included, with practical information added (coffee shops, car parks, picnic tables, etc).

Each of the 16 sections described has separate trail directions and notes describing the route marked on the map, plus an 'At a glance' box with summary details for planning purposes. It is a very practical publication, and much in relevant information. There is also a summarised 'At a glance' table for the whole 145 kilometre trail; accompanying elevation profiles provide further details about the height gain and loss on each route.

Following the trail descriptions there are some thoughtful sections on related subjects - traditional custodians, flora, birds and other wildlife to be seen along the trail, and a really imaginative section on 'Exploring the Centenary Trail with children'. There are other short sections covering accommodation options, dogs and the trail, trail safety, further reading and contacts.

Now you want to know where you can get your copy! It is available from the publishers for $29.99 - or for $25 at the Daughters at Hall Cafe - already a favourite drop in spot for trail users. Jenny and Jess are interested in offering trailers what they want, so drop in for a chat if you have some suggestions! Buy a copy of the guide to browse next time you are there for a coffee?

Publication details: 'Walking and Cycling Canberra's Centenary Trail', Woodslane Press, Sydney 2015, by Nina Hvoslef and Tallis Didcott.

A good account of the Trail from Hall to One Tree Hill can be found in the National Parks Association newsletter

Our photos are from the trail section between Hall and One Tree Hill.

One Tree Hill walk

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