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Traffic improvements in Hall

22 May 2015

We can now update the earlier news item concerning the Gladstone Street bus interchange. Following the consultation period,and discussion with residents at the last Progress Association meeting, the Association has now written as follows to Roads ACT:

"Thank for your letter proposing improvements to the traffic issues on Victoria and Gladstone Streets Hall.

The Village of Hall and District Progress Association (VHDPA) has consulted widely with local business houses and village residents, particularly those residing along the effected area of Gladstone Street and all have agreed with the proposal.

In the interests of improving public safety the VHDPA supports your proposal and requests that the works proceed without further delay".

News item of 7 May:

Following discussions with the Association Roads ACT have advised the Progress Association of proposed improvements at the Gladstone and Victoria Street intersection. There is now a consultation period of three weeks for community members to respond to the proposals.

The main improvement proposed is the creation of traffic islands on Gladstone Street where it meets Victoria Street (see plan in the Roads ACT letter). This will obviously make crossing Gladstone Street at this point a bit easier and safer, especially at busy times.

There is also to be some improvement to signage on Gladstone and Victoria Streets, and improvements to the 'shoulder pavement' on the west side of Victoria Street, which is now used daily by the school buses.

Comments or requests for information should be directed to Snezana Dimitrovska ( or 6207 6570) before May 21st.

For information about other matters under consideration, download the Minutes of the last Progress Association meeting on 18th February.

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