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President and Committee

2020 - 2021 Committee and Office holders


Committee Members

Public Officer: Robert Yallop

Honorary Curator of the Hall School Museum & Heritage Centre: Alastair Crombie
Editor, Rural Fringe: Jo Hall
Website Administrator: Alastair Crombie

Committee meetings

The Committee meets 6-8 times per year to progress the activities of the Association. Generally they are held on the third Wednesday of the month from 7pm in the Headmaster's Cottage on the Hall Primary School grounds. Committee meetings are currently committee members only meetings and attendance by non committee members of the VHDPA or the public is by invitation only. Please contact the Secretary for assistance if necessary. You can confirm timing of meetings and suggest agenda items by contacting . Minutes of Committee meetings can be found at

Affiliated Member Organisations

Special interest groups of VHDPA

Friends of Hall School Museum and Heritage Centre
[Honorary Curator: Alastair Crombie] Email:

Hall Mens Shed
[Foreman: Doug Anstess] Email:

Directories for your Community

Within the Hall Progress Association are sub-committees that deal with certain functions, issues and events. If you have a issue or topic you would like help with please contact the following Group:-

Controls all aspects of the Hall Pavilion

Care of Hall infrastructure

Control of all Hall and district events

Planning and Development
ACTPLA liaison

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