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Phone02 6230 2440
Mobile0415 483 089
Address21 Gladstone Street
Hall, ACT 2618

Better Blades

Sharpening service

About Better Blades

Mobile: 0415 483 089
After hours: (02) 6230 2440
Drop off/Pick up site: 21 Gladstone Street, Hall
Post to: PO Box 250, Hall ACT 2618

Better Blades is a locally owned business based in the Village of Hall and was established in 1997.

Better Blades provides a sharpening service to business owners, schools and private residents. The sharpening service includes all types of knives, domestic scissors, garden tools, guillotines, meat slicers, axes, chain saws and mulchers.

Customers are invited to drop their items off in Hall however a mobile service is not available.

Better Blades is also an agent for a number of well known professional animal clipper machines and clipper blades selling to the veterinary industry, breeders and dog owners.

Domestic hair clipper machines and clipper blades are also available for sale including sharpening of all clipper blades available.

Customers are invited to either drop off their clipper blades in Hall or post them for sharpening, as they cannot be sharpened on the customers site.

For all enquires and quotations please call Ian Brodrick on mobile 0415 483 089

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