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Phone6230 2615
Mobile0418 243 656
Address'Sunny Brae Cottage'
636 Rolfe Road
Murrumbateman NSW 2582

Sunny Brae Cottage Alpacas

Alpaca breeding, sales and stud services

About Sunny Brae Cottage Alpacas

Sunny Brae Cottage Alpacas was established in 1987 with the long term objective of breeding and selling alpacas and the provision of stud services to other breeders. The original purchase of four pregnant females – despite regular sales – has grown to a herd in excess of fifty five animals.

The continuing aim is to improve the genetics of the herd and produce fleece to the high standard required by the textile industry. In addition, local and interstate home spinners, both private and group related have chosen Sunny Brae fleece to make some beautiful, high quality garments.

A number of award-winning sires with outstanding bloodlines, from various Alpaca Studs, have been used to take Sunny Brae stock forward over the years. Cedar House Alpace Stud sires such as Snowmaster, Gold Sun, Escobar, Musket, Jacomo and Ayaviri are some of the well-known male champion sires used over Sunny Brae stock. This has produced huge genetic improvements in the herd.

You are invited to inspect Sunny Brae animals for sale by arrangement with Robin on (02) 6230 2615 or 0418 243 656

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